Orion Carloto’s Story Book of People, Places, and Memories Captured on #35mm Film | Nov 17


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With both pen and camera lens, Orion Carloto captures the dreamlike beauty of memory.

Film for Her is a story book of people, places, and memories captured on film. Through photographs, poetry, prose, and a short story, Orion Carloto invites readers to remember the forgotten and reach into the past, find comfort in the present, and make sense of the intangible future. Film photography isn’t just eye candy; it’s timeless and romantic—the ideal complement to Carloto’s writing. In Film for Her, much like a visual diary, word and image are intertwined in a book perfect for both gift and self-purchase.


Orion Carloto is a published writer, poet, fashion enthusiast, and creator of all sorts who was born and raised in a small town in Georgia. Popularly known online, Carloto has sought out to create a visual dreamworld for the lovers, dreams, and the brokenhearted. Growing up with her nose always in a book and deep in her own imagination, it came as no surprise that she would write works of her very own one day. Her first book, Flux, was published in the Autumn of 2017.

Pulling inspiration from her personal adventures growing up, falling in love, battling mental health, and the brutal pain of losing it all, she dug deep in her own woes and allowed those sorrows to fuel her writing. Introduced to the beauty of film photography as a late teenager, she began tying the nostalgic photos she took on her hand-me-down 35mm camera to the musings in her work. Hence, the birth of her second book, Film For Her.

Carloto has been featured in publications such as Playboy, Interior Design Magazine, HypeBae, and Rookie Mag. Brands that have worked with her include Burberry, Cartier, Chloé, Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy, Gucci Beauty, Chanel Beauty, Margiela Fragrances, and Calvin Klein amongst many others along with her nomination for Top LGBT Influencer for the British LGBT Awards in 2018. 

Carloto currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California with her two cats, Atticus and Lolita.

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